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How do I apply for sponsorship?

Race Sponsorship
Orange has a long history of sponsoring some of the best riders in the world. Greg Minnaar, Steve Peat, Joe Barnes and many more have all ridden Oranges to victory at some point. It’s not surprising therefore that we get a lot of enquiries about sponsorship.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship firstly can we ask that you read this rather good article by Wideopen magazine on the topic:

James Huang also covers a lot of relevant points that you should consider before sending us your application:

If after reading the above articles you still wish to apply for sponsorship please send a covering letter and race result resume to:

Charity Sponsorship
We receive numerous requests for sponsorship and monetary/raffle prize donations from many equally deserving causes, unfortunately we cannot offer help to all. If you wish to apply for sponsorship in this regard send a covering letter to:

All applications will be reviewed periodically and we will contact you if you are successful.

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