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What size seat post/front mech or bottom bracket will fit my bike?

We are often asked what size front mech, seat post or bottom bracket fits a particular model and this can be one of the hardest questions to give an answer to. Because we introduced running changes to each bike, knowing the year of manufacture does not help to clearly identify which variation of the model you may have. Some seatposts were shimmed to fit seat tubes, bottom bracket length is determined by the chainset you use (sorry but we don’t check this with every chainset available) and front mech’s could be top pull, bottom pull or even plate style.

We do not have records of frame numbers for older bikes so this cannot be used to accurately identify a model.

What we have tried to do is give an idea of what was produced over the years, please use this guide, measure the component you are replacing and try and get one with identical dimensions. Always check with your dealer that the part you are purchasing will fit, if in doubt let them do it.

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